What are Backlinks? How to Get More Backlinks in 2020

What are Backlinks? How to Get More Backlinks in 2020?

What are Backlinks?

The Backlinks are the links of a page or a post that simply link from one website to another.  If someone links their page or a page to your website, for instance, suppose Google linked a post to your site, so they have a back from my website. Various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use backlinks as a ranking tool because one site is linking to another in the form of pages or posts. It means that these search engines believe that content is rich in quality. The high-quality backlinks can help to boost the websites’ ranking and gives more visibility for search engine optimization (SEO). 

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What are Backlinks

Types of Backlinks?

There are mainly two types of Backlinks:

  • DoFollow Backlinks
  • NoFollow Backlinks

What are DoFollow Backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are those backlinks that everyone wants on their websites or blog posts. But always keep mind that those backlinks are coming from trusted and high-quality sites that have high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). These number of backlinks will help to improve your SEO and search engine result and help to boost your website and page ranking as well. 
However, there are lots of Dofollow on the internet that are considered as bad backlinks because these backlinks come from suspicious websites that violate the terms of service of search engines. As we all know, the newspaper and magazines sites are popular, so every other site will link back to their particular posts. This step will increase the Domain and Page Authority of Newspaper and Magazine and articles will get high-quality valuable backlinks from high-quality sites. 

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

Nofollow backlinks are those backlinks that tell Google or other search engines to ignore these link in terms of ranking. These backlinks will not take any guarantee that Google or other search engines will do them a priority for ranking and SEO. They don’t pass the high-quality backlinks or any value from a website to another. That’s why they are not proving helpful in boosting your ranking and search rank. But. Nofollow Backlinks help your page or site to divert some organic traffic towards you. 

What are SEO Backlinks Examples that tells how do backlinks works?

Backlinks play a vital role in search engine algorithm for SEO for various search engines and also audit the overall strategies and steps for your blog or website. The best way to set what is backlinks in SEO example or thinking of backlinks would be through conversation among blogs and websites. 
Let’s take an example, Lokesh is a blogger and he writes a very informative high-quality article about a Technology event. Another blogger, Amit links to the article of Lokesh when sharing his perspective. Since he writes about the topic on his online Newspaper site, this step creates a backlink to Lokesh’s post. Because the online Newspaper is popular, may other blogs or websites will also link back to his articles. In this way, it increases the online Newspaper’s authority and Lokesh’s article will get a high-quality and good backlinks from popular and reputed sites. 

How to Get Quality Backlinks for Websites?

Building backlinks for SEO and building backlinks for free to your site takes patience, efforts and time. But we are discussing some simple steps you can start building quality for your blog or website especially if you are a beginner. 

  • The first thing you need to do is, add your website links on your social media profile such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on.
  • Do a lot of Google research for posts that are already ranking on the top and analyze it, improve it, and expand it in parts. 
  • Always try to create lists posts such as “Top 10” posts, “What” posts, “Why” posts, infographics posts, posts with embedded videos, “How To” posts, etc. because these type of articles will get more backlinks than a normal post. 
  • Try to make a “Step-by-Step guide” posts or we can say “ultimate guide” post in lengthy words to cover every angle of the topic of the post. 
  • Contact other websites and blogs as per your niche to write guest posts so that you can get high-quality backlinks from those websites and blogs. 
  • Do interview of famous influencers in your niche and send them a link of that interview article, they will link back to the page of your website for sure. 
  • Contact some influencers in your niche and tell them about your article and ask them they may want to link to their websites. 
  • The well-known backlink tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMRrush, MOZ, etc. can help you find these backlinks of your competitors, so you can easily start targeting those domains and links as a part of your backlink building strategy. This is the best-proven step for link building backlinks for SEO.

How Can I Check My Website Backlinks?

The best-proven way of how do i check my backlinks are various numbers of backlink monitoring tools. These tools will let you check your blog and website backlinks including Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, etc.
Keeping eyes on your website backlinks are very important because according to Google Webmaster’s guidelines require you to ask bad website links from your website.  If you don’t follow these guidelines then Google will penalize your blog and website and your page rank and website rank will start to begin to drop in the search engines results. 
How can I contact bad backlink website owners?
Try to use fast and paid backlink tool such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc. to check the bad and toxic backlinks. When you found it you can easily contact the toxic backlink site owner to remove the link from a website. 

Where and how can I Find all my Backlinks?

To find all backlinks of your website, you can use Google Search Console to see your backlinks and help to grow the rank of your website. But Search Console can take a lot of time with their limited speed. However, taking the help of paid and fast tools such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, etc. will give to fast result to see all the backlinks of your site. 
Let’s take SEMRush as backlink checker tools, SEMRush has two main parts that work on backlinks. The first is the Backlink Analytics which analyze competitor’s backlinks, and the second area is the Backlink Audit Section. 

A brief look at Backlink Audit Section

The backlink audit section will let you find and analyze all the backlinks to your sites. The SEMRush’s Backlink Audit tool will audit every URL of backlink and then sort out those that are bad and toxic. In this way, you can easily find those toxic backlinks or broken backlinks and disavow them before Google penalizes your blog and website. Google will take time to disavow toxic backlinks and remove it from your site to make your website spam score (SS) low. 
With tools like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, you can do deep keyword research, backlink markers, see your competitor’s backlinks, and manage your convenient place on search engine results. Keeping the track of your all backlinks profile will let you about the value of your website and an important area of your website’s SEO strategy. 

Final Words/Conclusion

We hope that this ultimate guide helped you to learn what are backlinks and how to find backlinks for your websites and also how you can use them to boost the rank of your website and grow your website. Now you all clear about what are backlinks on websites and how do they work. If you still have any queries about what are website backlinks are the do comments below.


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