An Ultimate Guide on How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2020?

An Ultimate Guide on How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2020?

When I was creating a blog post for my website recently, someone emails to me and asked, “What is the perfect length for a blog post to get ranked on Google”? How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2020?

Everyone has questions on this when they start-up their website or blogging career. There are a lot of questions, queries and doubts that might confuse one’s mind when they start blogging especially beginners. How to start blogging? What to write and how long should a blog post be? Being a content developer and a blogger myself, I have also come across these kinds of situations when I lost my path. However, doing the same things for years and one thing I noticed that blogging about the things I attract for. I have found my career and pace and after deep research, I felt not to blog the easy way. 
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An Ultimate Guide on How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2020?

Developing your skills and experience, we are going to talk about how long should a blog post be in 2020? Although this question seems very simple to answer, the answer may vary from person to person. If you don’t believe that, ask this question to experienced bloggers, their answers will always vary. 
When it comes to content wri
ting on blogging, almost all the people would like:

  • The comments on your posts.
  • Views on your articles and blogs.
  • Organic Traffic to your website or blog.
  • High-quality Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks for your blog.
  • Shares of your blog post. 

For the bloggers who trying to generate traffic and build their online viewers to their website, it’s very important to learn how to write high-quality SEO friendly articles on their blogs or websites. However, if you have been running your blog for a long time, still, it’s very difficult to find out what the viewers of your website want on your blog, especially the blog post length. When content is king and of high-quality, then what is the perfect length for a blog post or articles that will drive the traffic to your website and share the blog posts?

There are lots of myths when it comes to writing a blog post, many expert bloggers will recommend this myth that “Shorter is better” that means short blog posts is better to drive the traffic. Expert blogger also says that don’t write a blog post more than 600 words. They said online audience give more value attention towards short article instead of long ones to read. But trust me, “Never listen to them“.

I have been blogging for over 6 years, I have learned more about what attracts the audience to read your articles on your blogs and websites. I realized that a long article on blogs will give better results than short articles. Most the articles on my blogs are over 1,500 words long and sometimes, it’s over 2,000 words as well. These articles attract many audiences that help my blog to get ranked on search engine results like Google. 

So today I thought why not write into this and solve your queries and doubt to this question with the answer you are looking for. The answer to this question depends on various factors that may affect the length of a blog post with the purpose of it. If you don’t understand what I trying to say, let’s break it down into various factors and discuss it further. 

Major factors that help to determine the blog post length:

Purpose/Objective of the Post on your blog

The first major factor that helps to determine the word length of blog posts. When you try to write a specific blog post as per your niche of the website or blog, you always need to find their aim or purpose of the posts first to make a good SEO friendly title. It can be anything such as digital marketing, promotions, reviews, tutorials, vital information, etc. One thing that you always keep in mind that the short length of articles is always recommended for social sharing and generating the conversations. On the other hand, the longer word article is for reviews, deep information, step-by-step guide, ultimate guide of anything, and also for better ranking of your website on the search engine results (SEO). 

Topic ideas for the blog post

That’s the second major factor to write a blog post. If your niche or topic is indistinct and difficult to understand, then the audience will look more in deep to get information and will go into detail of your blog post. If the content of your blog post is easy and general, then no one can look at your content and it just proves as a waste of time. Never place irrelevant information on your blog post and always try to focus keep yourself straight to the point with SEO that is the key to effective blog posts.  

Let’s take an example, suppose if you are talking about WordPress in your niche and other things which related to your niche, then it might get longer with all details added into it. However, if your niche is distributed in different parts and topic is specific such as WordPress templates, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Themes, etc. 

Do you want more social sharing of the blog post?

Nowadays, Social Media platforms play an important role in the growth of your website and business. However, sharing content of your blog directly to your social media platform doesn’t follow any trick. So I recommend improving and alter a blog post that is ideal to share on social network platforms. 

I have found that sharing the blog content on social media influenced by various things, such as title, niche, quality, the size of the content, and also the size of your network. But the question is, what effect does a word length have on social media shares? A content that is about 500- 1300 words can easily shareable on social platforms like Twitter. 

For social sharing of blog posts, I recommend short blog posts. According to researchers like Backlinko, short posts on social media are usually performs best to get many views, comments, and shares on different social media sites. Although this step might not good for the SEO ranking, short blog posts tend more traffic to your post and websites and get more organic views from your audience. Shorter articles will create more engagement and a suitable environment for your audience. These types of blog post word length are perfectly suitable for marketing and promotion purposes strategy. 

Medium length of blog posts is also good for SEO and for getting a conversation and discussion. You still need to write a good SEO friendly article for your website or blog with a great title of your niche that compelling the premises to solve problems of readers on your website and blog. 

Always try to target audience

Another important factor that decides the ideal blog post length is the type of audience you are targeting on.  Always try to figure out what the audience wants that they are looking for. Always the length of the article will determine the engagement rate of the targeted audience from the targeted country. Whether they are looking for news, inspiration and technology, always keep in mind that length of the article with proper SEO will decide the ranking of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of blog posts

According to the SEO report, by Backlinko writer Brian Dean, the best ranking of articles on search engines like Google are always a long detailed post on a particular topic. The highest-ranking article with high-quality backlinks on Google is over 2,400 words. Thus, if you want to rank the article on your website in the search engine results, then longer articles are the key to the success of your blog and website. 

Always keep in mind that you write about those topics in which the audience are taking an interest and found useful. Never make a lengthy post by adding irrelevant information it’s just a waste of time of that article.  So you have to do a lot of research for the keywords and title according to the SEO and searchable results before you start writing the article.

Ideal lengths or word count for article or blog posts. 

Article length- 100-250 words:

These kind of articles are very effective if you are creating content for a social media platform to get more views, comments and share on your posts. So, the length of 100-250 words is ideal if you want to promote your website and grow your business online. 

Article length- 250-600 words:

This length of articles recommended by most of the bloggers. You can start doing SEO on this type of word length because this type of length might get ranked if you doing the SEO correctly. This type of length is suitable for news or any other contents.

Article length- 600-1000 words:

This kind of length followed by magazine and journalists sites. This length is best suited for magazine articles. Keep the relevant facts and information point-to-point after doing proper SEO of the article that helps to engage the audience towards your posts. 

Article length- 1000-2000+ Words:

As we discussed above, the key to getting your website ranked with successful SEO is this kind of length of the articles. If you want to achieve your goals to get high ranks of your blog or website on the search engine results and drives a lot of traffic to your website then this is the perfect length for writing the articles. But that’s doesn’t mean that you start adding irrelevant things in your post to make it lengthy. The length of these articles is of high-quality with a perfectly organized SEO friendly article.


Above is the discussion on how long should a good blog post be. There are other factors also decide that the length of the post and decides to tell us how to do a blog post on WordPress and blogger is perfect for SEO. Always try to write unique content without any copyrighted material. Create a positive and effective article with a proper SEO will give you a top rank on the search engines. My recommendation is that you have to write whether long or short but write it creatively way and make them Google SEO friendly to build backlinks and grow your website.
If you found this article on “An Ultimate Guide on How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2020” helpful then please take a look at some of our other “Ultimate Guide” and “Step-by-Step” guide on my blog. You can also find other important, relevant articles and SEO Tips for WordPress and Blogger.


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