Myths and their facts on Coronavirus

Myths and their facts on Coronavirus Pandemic 

As the coronavirus (aka. COVID-19) has grabbed the world by its jaws and thousands of people are came on the dead list. With this disease, there is a lot of hype is circulating about the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the information is wrong and they is just a myth. Instead of taking safety precautions, people are believing in the hoax that are circulated by some fake people about the corona virus. You will find a lot of misinformation about coronavirus from your WhatsApp, family, friends, and available on the internet. But after reading this article, you will find that there is a lot of hoax and myths information about the coronavirus outbreak.
Myths and their facts on Coronavirus, pandemic outbreak
Myths and their facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak

Let's have a look at some hoax or myths and their facts on coronavirus:

Vaccines are available to cure the corona virus?

The answer is NO. Right now, there is no vaccination for the cure of coronavirus. Doctors and Scientists have already worked at their best to make the one, but developing a vaccination which is safe and effective to the human body will take months.

Does drinking a lot of water can prevent corona virus (COVID-19)?

A hoax is circulating on social media that drinking a lot of water on every 15-20 minutes will vanish all the virus in your throat where water takes down those viruses into your stomach and the acid of the stomach will kill it.
But, there is no scientific proof available that this process will work. But eating a lot of water will make your body hydrated which help to fight against many toxic viruses and bacteria.

The virus does not survive in warm condition or during sunlight?

That's not properly true, The corona virus has the potential to move freely across any temperature range and humid level that we already have seen in China.

Does garlic help to prevent us from the coronavirus cause?

Garlic is very good for health when we take it in a limited quantity. But, there is no proof the current coronavirus outbreak that you are protected from COVID-19 after eating garlic.

Does the corona virus affect the only old person?

No, that's not true at all. People of all the age group are in danger to get infected from this virus. Especially, it will be worse for the ones who have a pre-existing disease or medical problems such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and so on.

Antibiotics are effective to prevent corona virus?

No. antibiotics only work against bacteria. It will not for treating viruses.

A regular habit of rinsing the nose with saline or can help to prevent coronavirus cause?

NO. There is no proof rinsing the nose with saline will work to treat the coronavirus cause.

Can coronavirus be spread through mosquito bites?

There is no proof is coming out yet that virus can transmit through mosquito bites. But always take some preventive measure so that you can stop yourself by getting that virus over you.

Children can't catch the corona virus?

Children will easily catch the corona virus as compared with adults.

Holding breath for 10 seconds can prevent you from coronavirus?

The 10-second method is applied and also shares by many doctors but it will not reliable way to prevent it. It will not help to identify people have COVID-19 but you can check out your lung disease with this method.

can hot water bath prevent the coronavirus cause?

Taking hot water bath will never prevent you from catching the coronavirus cause. But you have made yourself hygienic by cleaning your hands frequently with sanitizers that contain at least 60-percent alcohol or with alcohol.


Though there are a lot of myth and hoax messages are circulating from around the world. People are making coronavirus memes and share it on the social media platform. But on a serious, Just maintain yourself hygienic by taking bath regularly and cleaning your hands frequently with the help of sanitizer and soap. Stay yourself hydrated with water and try to stay at home. We will discuss more about coronavirus update later. Till then comment your feedback and ask your queries regarding coronavirus disease.