Why you should have to hold an Aadhaar Card in today’s life ??

What is Aadhaar Card??

Aadhaar card is a twelve-digit unique identification number which is issued by Unique identification Authority of India (also known as UIDAI) on behalf of Government of India to every citizen of India for the purpose of establishing the unique identity of every single person in India.

Image of the Aadhaar card
how the Aadhaar Card is look like

This 12 digit number will serve as a proof of identity and address of every individuals anywhere in India. It is easily verifiable online and a cost effective too. This 12 digit Aadhaar number is unique and robust enough to eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private sector.

This Aadhaar Scheme was launched in 2009 with a strong aim to give universal unique identity to every Indian citizen. Aadhaar Card is really going to helpful in reducing the corruption

Now, Let’s check out the importance of Aadhaar Card in today’s life


Importance or benefits of Aadhaar Card in today’s life

  • Instant Bank Account: The Scheme Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY) is also accepts the Aadhaar card which is sufficient to open a bank account instantly. This card is enables you to get RuPay card, open Zero balance saving Accounts in a Bank, various life insurances, and many more.


  • Direct Benefit Transfer through Aadhaar (LPG Subsidy): This beneficial scheme comes under PAHAL scheme, Aadhaar card number is used to get the LPG subsidy directly in your linked bank account through direct benefit transfer (DBT) after the LPG consumer number is linked with 12- Digit Aadhaar number. This subsidy is also valid for other commodity products such as Sugar, Rice, and Kerosene etc. for Below Poverty Line (BPL) family.


  • Get Passport within 2 weeks: The Indian Government recently ordered that Aadhaar Card is mandatory for the issuance of new passport. The Passport Office may denied your passport application if you do not hold you’re your Aadhaar Card with you. If you have Aadhaar card you may get your passport within 10 days or within 2 weeks because after the submission of Aadhaar card, the police verification which is really a time consuming for new passport holders will dome later.


  • Digital Locker: The Government of India recently launched the project/Scheme called Digital Locker (DigiLocker) and Aadhaar Card is mandatory to open an account in Digital Locket where you can store you all personal documents in the government server where all the processing of your locker account is linked with your Aadhaar Card number.


  • Voter ID: We always see many fake or bogus voter IDs in today’s life. To eliminate this the government of India recently decided to link Aadhaar Card number with a Voter ID. This strong step really helpful to eliminate bogus or fake voters. When the Aadhaar card is linked with Voter ID then it is impossible to make multiple voter IDs.


  • Provident Fund/Pensions: It is very helpful for pensions, to get your pension you have to get linked your Aadhaar card number to their respective department in order to receive pension. The provident fund money will be given to the account holder who have linked their Aadhaar card number with Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).


  • Aadhaar Card for Government Employees: Recently a government has launched a proposal to bring a Aadhaar Card in all the government ministries and offices and used to connect it with the attendance machine so that government employees start comes on time in office and be more punctual towards their work.


  • MNREGA: MNREGA is a Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Under this scheme the Wages of the workers is directly credited into their bank accounts whose account is linked with Aadhaar card number.


  • SEBI: The Aadhaar Card is used as an Identity proof by SEBI but from now the Securities and Exchange Board of India is ready to accept Aadhaar Card as a proof of address for Investing in stock market.


  • Student Scholarships: Various students who receives scholarships from government can able to get the money only if they hold a bank account which is on the name of student is linked with their Aadhaar card number.


  • For New SIM card: The Government of India is ready to make Aadhaar Card necessary for purchasing new SIM Cards.



Then value of Aadhaar Card is drastically increased. In Future, Aadhaar Card is not only useful but it’s going to mandatory to avail the various benefits given by government through various schemes and services.

So, if you don’t have an Aadhaar Card yet, then it’s better to get your Aadhaar card now. To Get an Aadhaar card go to its official site and enroll it as soon as possible, because Aadhaar card is already in use in various services throughout the country such as apply for PAN Card, Property Registration, Marriage Registration etc.


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