About Us

Howdy Amigos,

Welcome to LokiSpot,

LokiSpot is platform or you can say a “SPOT” where you can find everything for everyone.

LokiSpot aims to report the information or story whether its comes from various fields such as Technology, Education, Tips and Tricks, Gadgets, Blogging, WordPress, and various other reviews in deepest, unbiased and simplest way with the up-to-date information, making as a resource for anyone to learn about the present, past and the expectations for the near future in the world of these various fields what i mentioned above.

LokiSpot concentrates to bring the best in the every field which i mentioned above, in a way that a user always would have wanted to read.

I know this platform is totally new, but the team behind it aren’t. The people at LokiSpot has been into the storytelling and reviewing sincea few years. The times has come to get deeper into a particular sections to take out best from it for our readers so that our readers have been craving to get latest updates about.

Here is what you will find on LokiSpot:

  • Get an updates, reviews and specifications of all the mobile phones.
  • Basic and Advanced techniques for blogger, WordPress and other blogging platforms,
  • to get an study material and guidance of various job exams.
  • This Site is not limited to technology, fashion, travel etc. so that this site going to most appropriate for everyone.

About Lokesh Gautam (Author)

I am the man behind LokiSpot.

Well Guy there not much interesting about me but i have write something here about me with is 100% truth

I am very Simple, Straight forward person who loves to play with complex things

I completed my Schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya in 2010 and received my degree in 2014 from University of Delhi. I started blogging out of my passion for learning and sharing. I start my blogging on blogspot in year 2013 but due to some reasons i cant continue more so i quit blogging in 2014. But the curiousness about learning new things could not keep me away from blogging. So, i started my blogging again in WordPress on May 8, 2017

I am here because i found blogging to be a great platform for sharing my favorite things with the worlds